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Tailored for local or frequent players, our academy offers a convenient solution. Purchase a 5-lesson voucher to experience our top-notch facilities and expert instructors, allowing you to refine your swing at your own pace. The first lesson extends for an hour and a half, while the subsequent four are a full hour each.

Sign up for 2 hours of lesson on the course. Nothing better to improve areas of your game with shots in real situations. The teacher can analyze the way in which you face the round and give you both technical and strategic advice to improve your game.

The first contact with the academy is important so the first lesson is 1 hour and a half long so the teacher can analyze in depth your swing and at the end he will prepare a full report for you.

For those days when you only have a small gap to enjoy your favorite sport. You choose what you want to improve or correct. 2 and a half intensive hours perfecting long game, short game and/or strategy.

When you have a day off and you need your game to improve or you just want to know your swing better, this is your program. An intensive day of 4 hours, emphasizing in your swing and game needs. You can improve your hitting, strategy on how to set up a round, short game or analyze and know your numbers better. Available with all the technology of the Academy in terms of Trackman, Putt View, SAM Putt, analysis of weights and forces and other devices available.

Weekend courses for players that only have limited days to improve their golf. Perfect for getaways with an intensive instruction of 6 hours in two days, which will focus on swing analysis, strategy, short game and other areas of interest of the player.

Lessons for a total golf getaway to master the swing. 5 intensive days of instruction focusing on ball striking, game strategy, around the green play and work with swing analysis. Like a Pro, Trackman, PuttView, Weight analysis and SAM Putt will be used among other swing analysis technology.

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