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“Feel the game”

At the Sergio Garcia Golf Academy we believe that a golf swing is an individual collection of skillful moves that each player does unique. That is why we mold each swing according to the player’s movements to help them achieve his/her maximum potential. Golf is a feel game and we want you to feel great with your own swing.

At the SGGA we identify that a golf swing is largely based on the individual. No two players can learn or have an identical swing by definition. Coaches have to model the player’s swing according to their abilities and skills.

As Victor Garcia, coach of Sergio, has done with his son over the years to make him a Masters Champion and a World Top Player, swings must be tailor made to exploit the full potential of each player. This is why at the SGGA we analyze each and every player and work on improving his/her swing to maximize  performance.

At the SGGA we believe that a good golfer has to have a full training experience, a mix of technical training, game practice training, swing analysis, physical training, a good set of moral values and making all of the above fun and enjoyable.

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