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Academy method

At the Sergio Garcia Golf Academy, we believe in the continuous evolution of players at all stages of their golf journey, guiding them to develop a deeper connection with their game.

The method of the he SGGA, developed by Victor Garcia Sr., divides these teachings in levels of age or game:

(Ages 5 - 11, or first timers)

"El Niño" Feel the Body and Club

  • Emphasis on the grip.
  • Focus on rotations and equilibrium.
  • Making sure aiming is right.
  • psychomotor exercises centered around circuit-based training.

(Ages 12 - 16 or intermediate players)

"Amateur Champ" Feel the Ball

  • Emphasis on the technic over the players base knowledge.
  • Focus on Short game, bunker game and putting.
  • Start competing in high level amateur tournaments.
  • Take control of the ball. Know how to curve the ball to the player’s advantage.
  • Introduction to high tech tools like Trackman, video analysis, Sam PuttLab and Puttview.

(Ages 16+ or advanced players)

"Masters Champion" Feel Complete

  • Golf course strategy.
  • Mental preparation.
  • Focus on eliminating old bad habits.
  • Introduction to top level competition.
  • Advance training with high tech tools and club fitting.

(For adult players at any levels)

Adult lessons

  • Analysis of the player’s game and level of training.
  • Evaluation of the player.
  • Practice in both the driving range and the course.
  • Golf club fitting.
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