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Sergio García Junior Academy

The Sergio García Golf Academy has elaborated an annual program, designed for the improvement and development of young golfers aged between 13 and 18 years. The program developed under the supervision of Sergio and implemented by his father and coach, Víctor García, assures his students of superior quality training in the sport complemented by an academic program in an international school of the highest level.

Our team of instructors of the highest level, experience and top qualifications, together with the latest technologies in swing analysis, guarantee the improvement of players in our first-class facilities, in which they can enhance all aspects of their game.

The objective of our Academy is to maximize the player in all, physical and mental aspects of the game (swing technique, strategy, discipline, and values) in order to achieve the best version of themselves. To give the opportunity for our students to grow in the sport of golf without forgetting their studies and thus have all the possible tools to face their future with total guarantee.

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